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 Players who most influenced you.

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PostSubject: Players who most influenced you.   26/10/2011, 21:37

The player who most influenced me is easily Mike2000.

I was a Ray 01 dash spammer the first time I played him. That tactic worked abut 70% of the time, then I met him... His Seal Kid scared the crap out of me, and I ripped it off. Thanks to him, I learned how important the Bomb and Pod are, and how spamming is a terrible tactic. I copied his play style with that set perfectly and later put my own style into it. I ended up copying other sets, adjusting my style, and ending up with what I have today.

Boy, that was long-winded... What about you guys?
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PostSubject: Re: Players who most influenced you.   27/10/2011, 04:18

**** yeah, story time.


Around the time I started to really get into wifi, limxzero was the dude I ran into the most. At the time, he seemed like he was the best guy on wifi (actually, he probably was then.) and he always seemed to use a decent variety of sets, and he was actually fun to play. Even though I got my ass kicked every time.

Because he was at least a bit fun to play, he inspired me to actually try new tactics, and pull out every set I could think of. It was also because of him that I ended up reading Wyvern Four's strategy guide, which segues into the next part of my story....

Wyvern Four:

At first, he was more of an indirect influence through his guide on GF, which, BTW, is a fantastic guide, but he became a little more involved with my 'gaming career' later on.

He was always extremely good, but he seemed to tone it down when he played me, so I actually felt like I stood a chance, which inspired me to actually try. He was never really a negative poster on GF, and he always tried to point out the points I excelled in, which, again, caused me to try harder.


This is to complicated, really, but suffice to say he went insane recently, but wasn't before. I don't know if it was me, or if he's just multi layer trolling, but it comes to the same thing. He was an influence earlier on, and was actually the reason I joined GF,, it went to hell.

I want to mention several others here, even though they weren't massive influences on my skill, they were still an encouragement:

Quick Silver
Zero Kid
Mega Rat
Strayed (then known as Eclipse)

And then, of course....Ruggy. IMO, pretty much the biggest influence, for better or worse, but that's to much to type up right now. XD
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PostSubject: Re: Players who most influenced you.   27/10/2011, 21:21

^ Inspired him to discover the pedo face ...

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no one


PostSubject: Re: Players who most influenced you.   28/10/2011, 03:19

I've been crazy the whole time, and you weren't the first.

Specifically, go to rando > the rando chat To see the soapbox I posted on precisely because it was a dead board (I remember you showed interest when I mentioned it once). Me and shadow xero were (are) in basically the same relationship as you and me.

The founder of that site, ninjapengui, is probably the guy who influenced me the most, although not as a rival.

My first rival (friend, because of nintendo) was some guy named slippy/ popnpop. He wasn't anything special, except that I wasn't either at the time.

DDD was the first good player to compliment me on my skills, and was the only one to film a match with me while I was still the indomitable.

Mara and Killbot were the two guys I respected the most, and wanted to beat. I actually did beat mara the first time we played, but then he stopped using joke (random?) parts and perfected me. After that, I switched magnum to shotgun (he had been using crazy baboon), and got rid of straight bomb t for smash. I beat him three times and tied with him three times after that.

Psychoxxx? I really don't remember who he was, but he was my first, and last, apprentice. Added him as a friend, showed him how to play, but because we were playing as friends, he was real annoying over the mike (gloating about his one win in about 20). Later, found him on randoms without realizing it was him, screwed around some and wound up losing. So he went to gf to gloat. About 24 hours and 1000 posts later, he and his two friends were banned (topics were deleted, but this was before archiving anyways). Never taught anyone else to play again.

sylar: kept me interested in a dying board, got me to play a few more before I quit, showed me that I'd have to keep playing if I wanted to stay good, proved that effort pays off eventually.
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PostSubject: Re: Players who most influenced you.   28/10/2011, 03:31

It's a good thing he's on my ignore list so I won't be pressured to read his post.
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PostSubject: Re: Players who most influenced you.   9/11/2011, 05:15

I only played him once, and it was during my days of gun spamming. He was the first 'good' opponent I've ever played and it was during that match I started using bombs/pods and stuff. The match was kill or be killed and it was then when I started developing real skill.

I hardly play anymore, but it's this guy that keeps me interested in CRA and is why I still lurk the forums <__<

hoping to beat him one day

one day

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PostSubject: Re: Players who most influenced you.   

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Players who most influenced you.
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