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 Just checking in

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PostSubject: Just checking in   1/9/2011, 05:45

I, czqx, have found it desirable to create an account here, however, I, czqx, do not anticipate that I, czqx, will be a frequent participant in discussion at this board that I, czqx, was invited to because, apparently, it is desired by the creator of this community that I, czqx be a member, and as I, czqx, had a question to ask about this community anyways, I, czqx, decided that I, czqx, would join.

Is this the place that sylar mentioned custom robo players were going instead of the gf board, was it the robopedia, or was it something else entirely?
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PostSubject: Re: Just checking in   1/9/2011, 08:41

It has begun!

Anyways, this is more aplace for our little family to get together and cha and set up matches. Robopedia is more of an informative place. Just think of this as the GF board with IM for only CRA!

Hope you enjoy your stay CZQX!
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PostSubject: Re: Just checking in   1/9/2011, 08:55

M_R covered everything in his post. I hope to get more members though, as this place still seems rather quiet.
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PostSubject: Re: Just checking in   

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Just checking in
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