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 Okay, guys, I need your suggestions NOW!

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PostSubject: Okay, guys, I need your suggestions NOW!   18/8/2011, 22:49

In the next day or two, my free time is going straight out the window and, if at any time at all, I'll only be able to get on at night. This and a few other things are becoming a distraction from my studies that I MUST complete.

If you have ANYTHING you think you'll want to see changed, removed, or added to the site, you need to find out what it is and tell me RIGHT NOW. I don't care if it's changing the background, font colors, the size of the homepage, or even if you just don't like the URL because it's too SHORT.

If you don't tell me, you'll just have to deal with it for a long time to come. Could even be a month.

So, no matter how simple, or even stupid it is, post it! I'm waiting.
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PostSubject: Re: Okay, guys, I need your suggestions NOW!   18/8/2011, 23:27

I'd like to change your schedule so you don't leae us?
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Okay, guys, I need your suggestions NOW!
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