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 From newb to pro; an essential guide.

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PostSubject: From newb to pro; an essential guide.   15/8/2011, 21:10

First, off lol at the name.

Second, the guide:

0.) Table of contents.
--1: Sets
--2: Techniques
----2a: Short hopping
----2b: Slide shot
----2c: Walljumping
--3: Counter picking
----3a: Stage counter picking
----3b: Set counter picking
--4: Hax counter
----4a: Countering eggdropping
----4b: Countering Gravity hax
--5: Bombs and pods
----5a: Bomb use
----5b: Pod use

1.) Sets

Before you start getting better, having good sets is important. It takes a while to build up your garage. In fact, mine still has one weak slot in it.

Three sets is the best place to start. One will be your main, which you will most likely refine over time; one will be a Gravity set; one will fill the last slot, if you're main was aerial, this should be a regular ground set; if you're main was ground, this should be an aerial.

For example, this would be mine:

--Needle Gun
--Burrow Bomb P
--Wall Pod
--Wide Jump Legs
~Gravity (anti air)
--Gravity Gun
--Burrow Bomb D
--Wave Pod
--Ground Legs
--Needle Gun
--Burrow Bomb D
--Umbrella Pod
--Ground Legs

2.) Techniques

There are many techniques in CRA, but there are a few you should master right now.

a.) Short Hopping

Short hopping is done by lightly tapping the jump button. It's usually used in conjunction with weapon fire or an air dash. For example, the Gravity Gun's air shot is far more powerful that the ground shot, but it also just hangs up there in the air. Short hopping can bring it down closer to the ground, and destroy all the jumping space.

b.) Slide shot

Pretty standard stuff, this, but that doesn't mean it's useless. I use the slide shot all the time. There's also a variance of the slide shot called backtracking, but that can come later. Unless you're in the air, it's always better to use a slide shot. The only exception is if you have the Gravity Gun, in which case you need to stop and short hop a shot, but because it flies over walls, you shouldn't fire it when in range of the enemy.

c.) Walljumping

One of the most useful techs ever is also one of the most overlooked. Walljumping is done by jumping when you're against a wall. It increases your speed and distance. Very useful when coupled with a short hop, as you can avoid aerial shots and still get away.

3.) Counter picking

This is for both stages and sets.

3a.) Stage counter picking

To counter pick a stage, try to pick the stage the you think the opponent won't play well on. For example, if you were playing me, and the first stage picked was Basic Arena. I will most likely use either my Amy or my Nano. If you lose, counter pick with Dead Line, since I don't have any sets that function great there. Both counter picking points here rely on you knowing your enemy, which is something that comes with time.

However, predicting a new is much easy. Here's a hint: they always use the same set.

3b.) Set counter picking

This is much more widely used. It's just picking a set to counter the one you think the enemy will use. Here's an example:

Kinetic Arena is picked.

I eggdrop

You use a ground set

You lose and counter pick a stage. Now, you have to try to get inside my head and figure out what I'm likely to use. The first thought is to use anti aerial so I can't use the acrobat bomb. But I'm not new at this game, so I wouldn't use the acro bomb twice in a row, because I know that someone would go anti aerial, so try countering a ground Needle set instead of going anti aerial.

This can get to be quite a long process. It's also not exact, so always have reserve strategies in place. For those of you who have seen the Princess Bride, it's going to end up something like the battle of wits.

4.) Hax counter

Hax is the 'gangsta' term for a glitch or exploit. The only ones you need to watch out for are:

~Gravity Hax

Eggdropping allows the Umbrella pods to hit ground enemies, and Gravity hax allows Gravity air shots to hit grounded enemies. If you haven't noticed, grounders get screwed all over.

4a.) Countering eggdropping

Normally, I wouldn't consider this a tactic to learn right off, but with the amount of newbs that are using Rug's Luna+Acro now....(once again, VERY suspicious.)'s probably something you'll face. It's easier than it might seem to counter it, unless you're playing Rug, in which case you're probably just utterly screwed.

As an eggdropper myself, they want to range you, and then spam high powered guns like Glider until you mess up and get hit, at which point they continue spamming and inflict high damage. You can fight them at ranges, but it's much more difficult.

Stay at close range. Make sure to stay right under them, and strafe in a small circle; this makes you hard to hit with the Umbrella pod. If you have something like Needle gun, spam the ground shot when you're under them, as it has a high chance of hitting.

Wait until they land, and try to get up in the air after them with their own acro bomb. If you have Needle gun, you can fire it right before the hit the acrobat bomb, and it'll hit 'em. You have to be ready to keep spamming the gun to capitalize on that hit.

Gravity can hit as they take off and cause high damage.

If you have Smash bomb (IMO, Bit+Needle+Smash+Wave+Ground=best anti eggdropping set) then you can use it the same as Gravity and prevent takeoff.

4b.) Countering Gravity hax

This is much easier. Just stick to the ground, and fire your bombs. Once again, Needle can make a huge difference here. (though I have beat Bit+Needles with Nano+Gravity before) If you're a long range aerial set, walk backwards while blocking their movement with bombs and pods.

One you get back far enough, take to the air and use your gun. Remember, the more space between you, the harder it is for them.

5.) Bombs and pods

Now, this is really important. Using bombs and pods effectively will improve your game exponentially.

5a.) Bomb use

First, let's talk about Burrow bombs, since they're my favorite.

Max deployment is three, I think, but only if you fire two ground shots an then an aerial shot. Use them to block exits. The main mistake people make is trying to actually hit the enemy with the bomb. It they just sit there spamming (classic noob) then you can throw a bomb in their face, but against someone more experienced, you should block exits with them.

That also applies to Standard, Charge, and other direct firing weapons like them.

Crescent bombs are different. With one of them, you should fire off several ground shots, and then an aerial. Don't bother aiming the ground shots, but aim the air shot towards an exit. Just remember not to block an exit you have to use.

Submarine bombs are harder to use. The aerial shot is faster, but not always better. They should still be used to block exits, but they can also work as direct attacks.

5b.) Pod use

All pods are used differently, so if you have a question beyond the general use outlined here, ask it here:

There are three main types of pods:


My personal favorites are direct ones, like Wave and Wall, but all are useful. Excluding Float F and Seeker Pods.

Stationary pods should be hidden behind walls if they're grounded, like Ground Freeze and Spider, and flying pods should be put through the middle of the arena to deter low air flying.

Homing pods can be deployed to the sides to either home in or block the entrance/exit.

IMO, direct weapons are harder to use, so you might want to stay away from them for a little while.

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From newb to pro; an essential guide.
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