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Design-a-robo!!! Empty
PostSubject: Design-a-robo!!!   Design-a-robo!!! I_icon_minitime25/11/2013, 18:18

Desgin a robo based on your favorite set-up! What would a robo YOU design (a completely CUSTOM robo)?


Style: Power
Defense: llll
Endurence: llll
Speed: llllll
Aerial: lllllllll
Charge: Movement (Dashes forward quickly while invincible, then jumps into the air)
Desc.: A modified Lightning Sky. Can Sky Dash twice.

Tempo Gun
Attack: llllllll
Speed: llll
Homing: lllllllll
Reload: lllllll
Down: llll
Desc.: Modified Glider Gun. Fires 2 rounds. Ground: Rounds fly quickly ahead. Air: Rounds home in from sides.

Tempo Bomb
Attack: llllllllll
Speed: lllll
Size: llllllll
Time: lllllllll
Down: lll
Desc.: Modified Burrow Bomb D. Has a lingering blast.

Tempo Pod
Attack: llllllll
Speed: ll
Homing: llll
Size: llllll
Time: llllll
Desc.: Modified Wall Pod. Fires 4 rows of horizontal blasts.

Tempo Legs
Desc.: Greatly decreases vulnerability after Sky Dashes and jumps.

Broken as hell. XD
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Design-a-robo!!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Design-a-robo!!!   Design-a-robo!!! I_icon_minitime19/3/2015, 12:53

Style: Balanced
Defense: IIII
Speed: IIII
Charge Movement: Similar to Miranda, but only moves upwards
Desc: A modified Miranda model with enhanced capabilities. Can Jump 3 times and travel far in the air.

Lunos Gun:
Attack: (None)
Speed (Max)
Homing: I
Reload: (Max)
Down: IIII
Design: Similar to the AIRS Gun, but painted black and white
Desc: A modified Sword Gun that trades attack for down capabilities

Lunos Bomb
Attack: IIIII
Speed: III
Size: I
Time: I
Down: IIII
Design: similar to the AIRS Bomb, painted B&W
Desc: A modified Direct Bomb that fires 3 rounds that deal major damage when they hit.

Lunos Pod
Attack: IIII
Speed: (Max)
Size: III
Homing: IIII
Time: III
Design: Similar to a Sky Wave Pod, colored B & W
Desc: A Modified Sky Wave Pod that can only deploy 1 at a time.

Lunos Legs
Decreases vulnerability after a jumps and charges
Design: Kinjal Legs, pained black w/ spikes coming off the knees
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