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 Have you seen this ninja?

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PostSubject: Have you seen this ninja?   18/11/2013, 21:31

Here I think I'll make a thread dedicated to giving people a place to say what they've been up too if they have not been here. Just so people don't start sending out search parties as we almost had to for Rug.....

Also as the topic suggests, I've been away. Stray got me back into runescape as it's the current only game I know of that runs on my laptop for an extended amount of time outside of Emulators.... and I lag like the all get out with other windows open.... so that is where I've been.
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PostSubject: Re: Have you seen this ninja?   19/11/2013, 03:59

Where have I been? Tests, tests, and more tests. The little time I have has been just battling online with randoms or going out with my cousins or friends.

Also, my dream of getting an accountants degree may be out of my reach now. To much crap happening, not enough happiness to counter it. xD
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PostSubject: Re: Have you seen this ninja?   19/11/2013, 05:18

Aaaaah, so that's where you've been.

Okay. Have fun with that. XD
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PostSubject: Re: Have you seen this ninja?   

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Have you seen this ninja?
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