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 <<< robos potential>>>

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PostSubject: <<< robos potential>>>    29/7/2013, 04:05

POTENCIA DE LOS ROBOS usando la magnum contra apollo


151 less power:(little raider,sprinter,ray)
159 Normal: (incluye nano and pipit)
162 ray mkII:
167 power:(incluye,ray 01 ,ray x ,metal grapples,snipe and hadron)
175 doble power:(incluye rock hound,segmeg.katana)
198 violent board:
215 AIRS :



227 less power:(little raider,sprinter,ray)
239 Normal: (incluye nano and pipit)
244 ray mkII:
251 power:(incluye,ray 01 ,ray x , metal grapples, snipe and hadron)
263 doble power:(incluye rock hound,segmeg.katana)
299 violent boar :
323 AIRS:

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PostSubject: goth369   30/7/2013, 03:09

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PostSubject: japaneses rule topic   11/8/2013, 19:10


rule:1 <<<<< Prohibition of pre-emptive strike>>>>>

The match starts, and the prohibition of the attack the opponent before they move freely

rule:2 <<<<<  Horoseumu >>>>>

That you choose the basic stage first game
is two war onward, where to may choose
a positive, even if you've selected the basic stage other than wrong, that you want to continue

rule:3 <<<< Parts limit >>>>

I and prohibited the use of a combination of parts of the following parts:
Illegal parts of all
Gravity Gun
Stardust cancer
Needle Gun
Glider gun
3 U~eigan (3 way gun)
Idling bomb D (burrow D)
Acrobat bomb
Umbrella pod
Acrobat pod
Satellite pod
Satellite Pod H
Aerial Beauty + high jump leg
Fatti vice + high jump leg (big boy)

error:Does not lead, if you do not fight it just error, to select the winner in the case of lottery tournament, will be a draw in the case of brute force

And other:Is Garichonpo's organizer of Sunday matches
are on the Garichonpo's discretion if a problem outside of the rules has occurred
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PostSubject: Re: <<< robos potential>>>    

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<<< robos potential>>>
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