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 Rate My Sets Topic

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PostSubject: Rate My Sets Topic   28/6/2013, 01:23

Okay, another rate and critique topic because I miss them!

For new people, it goes like this:
Offer a scale of 1 to 10 rating of the set directly above you, and any advice or a critique. Post your own set along with this, rinse and repeat.

I'll start.

Seal Kid
Splash Gun
Burrow Bomb D
Umbrella Pod
High Jump Legs

Seal Kid for extra defense and good charge power, plus great air mobility.
Splash Gun to combo, poke, and repel.
Burrow to trap, and maybe attack directly from afar (surprisingly effective, to be honest.)
Umbrella to repel or directly attack airborne foes and eggdrop.
High Jumps to provide speed and jump height, allowing for best offense or defense approaches.
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PostSubject: Re: Rate My Sets Topic   28/6/2013, 05:08

I see it being pretty hard to approach and subsequently hit with splash and high jump; I would have probably put wide jump on. Besides that, what combo is available? I'm assuming you would start from a decent distance in the air, so aerial splash stun into a burrow-umbrella combo? Or try to prolong the stun so you can land and charge?

Unless you can play it really REALLY fast, I see it being very difficult to use it for anything other than ranged burrow attacking. 6/10. Unless I'm missing something significant (highly possible) I think it would be far more effective with a change of legs.

Burrow P
Wide Jump

...a classic. >_>
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PostSubject: Re: Rate My Sets Topic   28/6/2013, 17:32

Gemini Bomb

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PostSubject: Re: Rate My Sets Topic   

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Rate My Sets Topic
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