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 Simplify the site?

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PostSubject: Simplify the site?   13/10/2012, 16:41

Those widgets to the right, (search, recent polls, etc.) the smilies (which I noticed routinely turn into a different face than what the user intends. Such as >=D becoming > ).

Should I remove these? All of these things seem to do nothing more than get in the way. I KNOW these are slowing connections to an unacceptable degree...

They make it especially difficult for cell-phone users, such as Mega_Rat.

Or those on 3DS, such as myself.

What do you guys think? Try a simpler site, or no?
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PostSubject: Re: Simplify the site?   15/10/2012, 02:33

The reason we all loved gamefaqs is because it felt like it came out of the 90s. Which it did, I guess, but the point stands. Simpler=better.
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PostSubject: Re: Simplify the site?   15/10/2012, 21:46

God yes, I wanna be on here more but being on a cellphone sucks.

If I click the "send" button I might accidentally click the crap on the side. =/

Smileys let me send smiles though as for some reason shift and alt doesn't work on my phone during the chatbox.
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PostSubject: Re: Simplify the site?   

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Simplify the site?
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