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PostSubject: Alex?   9/7/2012, 04:29

So I was doing a random search for players today around 1600 PST and I found a commander named ALEX! I was really stoked because i figured it must have been someone on this forum since online matches are pretty scarce. Then there was an unfortunate twist...

They were pretty shoddy.they used the Hadron parts and Snipe gun almost exclusively, occasionally switching to the kindjal gun and finally they tried to copy my robo set and still lost.

PS: You can talk to people online right? Is it like metroid prime hunters where you hold the x button?
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PostSubject: Re: Alex?   9/7/2012, 19:55

Good to hear you are still playing
You will only encounter people from this forum if u make appointment via this site
(since all of us rarely search random)

And yes you can talk online but only with friend matches (by holding the X button)

Ps lemme know when ure game!
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PostSubject: Re: Alex?   13/7/2012, 18:30

Yeah, you can talk online. But not typing. Just voice.
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PostSubject: Re: Alex?   

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