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 A chronicle of my quest.

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PostSubject: A chronicle of my quest.   18/5/2012, 06:35, 2-ish years ago, me and my girl exchanged purity the time, I was a poor SOB, so all I could afford was a plain silver engraved band.

However, considering I have about 8 months until I can *actually* talk to her again, and because I now have money pouring out of every orifice, I figured, why not spend an insane amount of time and money on a mainly sentimental piece of jewelry...but hell, considering the amount of money I've spent on other things for her, this is almost inconsequential. >_> I said, I'm bored out of my mind, so I have lots and lots of time to devote to this search, and I will chronicle m journey here...this is probably going to be a 3+ month ordeal, so stay tuned!

Also, here's what I'm looking for, if anyone feels the desire to help...ideally this would be something I DON'T have to have customized, as my experience with jewelry customization has been...subpar, to say the least. a perfect scenario, one of you would find a ring fitting these exact standards, WITHOUT me having to place a custom order.

So without further ado (about nothing), here are the ideal specs:

-Sterling silver. I suppose white gold is fine too, but that seems to skyrocket the price by several hundred dollars in most instances.

-MULTIPLE inlaid stones, ideally small and rather subdued in size...small in size, but there can be a lot of them. Recessed into the ring, no brackets.


-Engraved lettering. No painted crap Not sure of exactly what I want engraved in it, but something along the general lines of 'true love waits', as opposed to the ones with just 'purity' or 'protected heart'.

-Circular. Can have either rounded or squared edges. The shank can be partially squared as well.

-Size 7. I'm assuming most any place will have all sizes available, but I think this is worth mentioning anyway.

-None of this thin ring crap. Ideally, around 1mm thick, and about 2/5" wide.[/b] Rough guesstimates of ideal size off the top of my head....I may update this later once I actually sketch out some more estimates of it.


Also, quick MS paint concept art:

thanks for your time, folks.

Sylar out.
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PostSubject: Re: A chronicle of my quest.   19/5/2012, 06:49

Problemo numero uno, ever design I find and like stone-wise, the band is too friggin small.
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PostSubject: Re: A chronicle of my quest.   22/5/2012, 04:57

Dude ... what is that ring gonna be for? O_o
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PostSubject: Re: A chronicle of my quest.   22/5/2012, 05:08

Uh....just....for....her being her, I guess. >_> lol

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PostSubject: Re: A chronicle of my quest.   

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A chronicle of my quest.
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