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PostSubject: - IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ! -   13/8/2011, 05:32

As you can see, I have made many updates! I'll detail some of that in this post, but first, something you need to know...

As an Admin, I have access to info no one else can see and make changes others can not, but you may not like that after this...

I CAN see some personal info of the ONLINE users... Including:

- Email
- IP Address
- Login time

This is all I know of. The issue it the IP Address. By clicking it, I can see the locations of the users down to the street they live in, and their internet providers. I don't know why the site allows such a violation of privacy, but I can't deactivate it and don't know how let the user turn it off...

I don't know if the info is accurate, but I felt it was your right to know that. I know some people like to keep this stuff private. I understand if you no longer want to use this site.

Only Admins can see this info.

Furthermore, I swear on my life NO ONE ELSE will see this information as long as I am able to help it. I can't guarantee third party sites won't get this info, that I can't control, and the the issue of hackers (Lord forbid) comes to mind... My Nephew saw this info, but all he really saw was states and countries.

Okay, now for site updates:

- Color changes (duh)
- Ability to terminate your own account or change emails

I'll add the others when I remember them.
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PostSubject: Re: - IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ! -   13/8/2011, 17:29

Isn't that the nature of an IP address? Anyway, I don't really care.

EDIT: Interestingly, I made this account the laptop my dad uses for work. Which would explain why your nephew thought I lived in Athens.
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